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Regioni d’Italia is a project born in 2016, whose main objective is to present abroad all the “excellence products”, typical of different Italian regions. Our project was born from the idea to strongly promote, the unique,regional and traditional specialties that belong to Our Country, recovering the traditional processing methods, mainly targeted to safeguard native breeds and local plant varieties, as well as the the flavours of the past.
The section devoted to industrial products, from Italy and Europe.
We leverage our extensive knowledge of the industrial branch, and making the most of our logistics in Italy and Europe, we are able to offer a "just in time" product, available and suitable for your needs.

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In both our lines, “Primo Sole” and “Riviera d’Oro”, we will be, at the same time, glad and keenly aware of what we contribute, in firsthand, to bring on your table, making our best to satisfy, at the same time, those who seek the best, and those who want to have a viable alternative with a very competitive price