Abruzzo – Città di Pacentro (Pacentro town)

It's called "Green Region of Europe", because of its three national parks. Described as "strong and gentle", by an important journalist and diplomat whose name was Primo Levi, Abruzzo is between the Adriatic sea and the central Apennines, with L' Aquila as capital. Despite the fact that the region is  geographically part of Central of Italy, it is related, historically and linguistically, to the Southern Italy. The isolation that characterized the region for decades, has contributed to maintain the culinary art alive and independent. In fact, Abruzzo’s cuisine is various and its recipes have originated from the rural and seafaring customs. One of the most prominent dishes of this region is "spaghetti alla chitarra", also called "maccheroni", realized thanks to some typical equipment and served in different ways. Another famous course is represented by "Virtù", cooked every 1st May in the area of Teramo. This dish is served with beans, chickpeas, lentils, beans, peas, carrots, and other vegetables, then parmesan cheese and different meats. Regarding the desserts, the typical ones are the "Pan ducale" of Atri and the "soft chocolate nougat"of L’Aquila. Let's not forget the Bocconotti, which are the most traditional biscuits all over the region ; and among cheeses, there are the "caciocavallo" and the"Pecorino", which has a really strong taste.