Our Brands

In both our lines, “Primo Sole” and “Riviera d’Oro”, we will be, at the same time, glad and keenly aware of what we contribute, in firsthand, to bring on your table, making our best to satisfy, at the same time, those who seek the best, and those who want to have a viable alternative with a very competitive price

Our line “Primo Sole” guarantees an outstanding quality product, selected from suppliers who keep the superior quality standard at the forefront. Used by those purchasers with a very demanding and details-sensitive clientele, “Primo Sole” brand embodies Our entire business philosophy, passion for high quality, a daily check of the whole supply chain, and obviously the traceability’s careful control. Our line “Riviera D’Oro” is a moderate price alternative, with very interesting balance price- quality. All products “Riviera D’Oro” are purchased from suppliers of medium and quite large dimension, accustomed to work with huge numbers, and able to guarantee a high quality standard, without that physical, chemical and organoleptic characteristics of the products may deviate in any way, from the parameters that We consider appropriate.