Lombardia- Milano,Piazza Duomo (Milano,Duomo Square)

Lombardia - Milano,Piazza Duomo (Milano,Duomo Square)

Very developed region , in terms of economy, Lombardia produces about a fifth of the Italian GDP; also for this reason, from the end of Eighties, started to be considered as one of the “European’s Four Motors”, with the Rhône-Alpes region in France, centred in Lyon, the Catalonia, centred in Barcelona, and Baden-Württemberg in Germany, centred in Stuttgart, Lombardia is even today one of the highly industrialized regions in Europe. Its territory is mainly lowland, but reveals also mountain areas, streams, rivers and valleys, often combined with lush vegetation, with the gorgeous Garda Lake , a must-see for tourists. Crossed by the Po river, the first Italian river, despite the strong industrialization, Lombardia is protagonist of exceptional culinary "discoveries" like the tasty Salami, and the wonderful cheeses, with the unforgettable Grana, the Gorgonzola and the Crescenza, up to the wines, known and appreciated around the whole world, as like Franciacorta and Valtellina , that reveal the rural origin of the Region. Thinking to the specialties of the territory, the memory of Panettone, polenta (cornmeal mush), mustard, the Easter dove cake , the Amaretti di Saronno and the exquisite saffron risotto is almost immediate. Every little town and city in Lombardia has developed, from immemorial time, its own dishes, traditional recipes, today rediscovered and valued both by people and by the most famous contemporary chefs.