Agricola Casearia Lupara - Buffalo Mozzarella PDO from 1945

We are glad to have Agricola Casearia Lupara, popular and award-winning company, as our partner. 

In 1945, after the Second World War, Ugo Iemma and his brothers Antonio and Cesare, moved their buffaloes from Salerno to Torre Lupara, a small town near Caserta. From that moment, Ugo Iemma started an important development, which concerned the reclamation and the recovery of the territory, a modern  approach to the cultivation of the fields, the breeding of the buffaloes and the development of technologies to improve the management the of business processes. 
The innovation is one of the most important value that always characterizes the hystory of the Iemma family. The same Agricola Casearia Lupara, born to produce mozzarella using only the milk from its buffaloes, was an intuition that anticipated the concept of short and controlled chain, that still represents a great value and guarantees the greatest quality of its products. 
The second value is the tradition. Over the years, there was an intense modernization of the production processes, but at the Lupara company, the well-being of the buffaloes is always a priority. In a natural approach, the buffaloes have the opportunity to express their natural behaviors in the fields of the company: it improves their physical, but especially psychological, well-being.
Today Joseph, Alfredo and Caesar Iemma manage Agricola Casearia Lupara, and with their three farms, all situated in the PDO area provided for in Consortium of Protection, provide daily of the best milk, which is a modern business reality that, with a wide range of products, exports its excellencies in all over the world.
That's why we choose Agricola Casearia Lupara: here the taste becomes an excellence for the palate.


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