Archidamo Organic Oil – a family business

In 2018, Ernesto Buondonno and his nephews, Enrico and Filomena Nardone Aggiutorio, acquired an agricultural fund, in order to found “ARCHIDAMO III” agricultural enterprise, which produces organic italian extra virgin olive oil, by observing the policy of secular Salentine olive-growing valorisation, and the enhancement of both landscape and historical-architectural heritage.

Archidamo III was born on the basis of a strong family farming experience, thus having behind its backs the necessary skills to implement traditional production systems from which pour-out the original/true Italian excellences.

The farm is located between the town of Manduria and Francavilla Fontana and it covers an area of almost 20 hectares, delimited by typical dry stone walls, moreover, it is equipped by the ancient farm house, and also by several “Lammie”, rural constructions typical of the territory.

The authentic flavour of the ancient Salento olives

Archidamo extra virgin olive oil comes from a professional choice driven by a passion for agriculture and the consequent respect for the land, the biodiversity, and the environmental conservation; those are the main points that form the basis of our agriculture, which aims at the preservation of traditional production, guaranteed not only through the cultivation of the secular olive trees, but also by the restoration of rural building, and and the preservation of the traditional landscape environment represented by the classic dry stone walls, declared UNESCO heritage.

Archidamo, the top-quality 100% Italian organic extra virgin olive oil is the result of the combination of good traditional agricultural practices and modern scientific know-how; we believe, in fact, that only by preserving the good of tradition it is possible to protect the environment and the characteristics that make Italian EVO oil a true excellence, heritage of the Italian agricultural and gastronomic culture.

The production

Our agricultural enterprise uses organic agriculture techniques, whose aims are the soil fertility conservation, the contrast of degenerative processes of desertification, and environmental protection. Thanks to the use of organic and natural fertilizations that enrich the soil with organic substance, or traditional techniques such as green gumes manure/compost, we have a correct use of the soil, that preserve and improve its fertility, far from the only objective of exploitation.

In addition to the use of the good agricultural practices, we proceed to a timely harvesting and then to a cold milling, only through mechanical processes, which is done within the 12h form the harvesting in order to guarantee a top quality product.


Archidamo Delicato is obtained from the traditional Salento blend, i.e. the combination of different varieties which have been historically planted in this agricultural region, such as the Salento Ogliarola, Coratina, Cellina of Nardo’ and Leccino. We at Archidamo believe in maintaining this traditional blend which guarantees the Italian excellence of Salento extra virgin oil.

Archidamo Delicato is a cold-pressed light-tasting extra virgin oil, that adapts well to every type of cooking, delicately bringing out all the various flavours in your recipe.

Our second fragrance, Archidamo, also comes from the above blend but is characterized by additional Coratina, a typical variety of the area north of Bari.

Thin variety is characterised by a specific spicy flavour, laced with bitter, fruity notes. This particular flavour is most important as it signifies a high concentration of polyphenols – very powerful antioxidants – that not only combat cellular ageing but also help prevent a variety of illnesses

The above characteristics make our Archidamo a top-quality across-the-culinary-board oil, particularly good when used on hot mixed-pulses soup to bring out the slightly spicy Coratina flavour, or drizzled on to still-warm grilled vegetables and meat.

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