Burrata di Andria PGI - An icon of Italian food in Hong Kong

Burrata di Andria PGI Caseificio Montrone Chilled Puglia

Soft and creamy tender-hearted, simply irresistible: Burrata di Andria PGI is a fresh cheese produced in the southern region of Puglia.

Completely handmade, unmistakable for its apical closure, surprising for the delicious filling: a soft heart of hand-frayed pasta mixed with fresh cream, the so-called "stracciatella".

The master cheese makers produce the stracciatella, fraying the spun dough by hand and soaking it in the cream. Then, they give shape to the spun dough bag: tenacious, resistant, and consistent at the right point, it is filled with the "stracciatella" and tied with raffia. The "head" is the distinctive sign that underlines its artisan production process.


It is said that the it is an invention of the Andalusian cheeseman Lorenzo Bianchino. During a long snowfall that prevented the milk from being brought from the farms to the city, he had the idea of creating a bag of spun pasta in which to enclose the mozzarella sticks immersed in the cream to preserve it.


In 2016, Burrata di Andria obtained the recognition of a product with mark of origin, officially becoming a Protected Geographic Origin (P.G.I.) product.

On 17 February 2017, almost a century after the creation of this most delicious of fresh cheeses, the Burrata di Andria PGI Protection Consortium was established with the aim of protecting, developing and promoting the true burrata of Andria. 


Experienced hands and wise minds work passionately every day to create dairy products of excellent quality. This is Caseificio Montrone, a great institution that was founded in Andria in the 1950s and is distinguished by its attention to selecting high-quality raw materials, mainly choosing milk from the Trentino market.

Caseificio Montrone di Andria is part of the Burrata di Andria PGI Protection Consortium, and continues Andria's dairy tradition by promoting and developing Burrata di Andria PGI, as defined by the product specification, throughout the country.

The most valuable Apulian dairy product is ready to taste in Hong Kong, thanks to our supplier Caseificio MontroneDo not miss the chance to experience the Italian dairy tradition and craftsmanship in the most vibrant city in Asia, Hong Kong!



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