Martinucci's frozen cakes: our dessert selection's trump card

Cakes Frozen Italian dessert Martinucci Puglia

Martinucci is a famous Italian company based in Puglia since 1950, which produces artisanal frozen cakes.

Ever since we started importing their cakes in Hong Kong, their sales have grown steadily. In fact, it takes very little to appreciate the quality behind them: our Hong Kong customers enjoy the authentic flavors, the fine craftsmanship, the elegant aesthetics and the respect of the traditional recipes that lie behind every single cake.


Learning from history to build the future: the philosophy of the company is to renewing the prestige of the confectionery product while respecting tradition. Martinucci's desserts are the result of intense work that lasted decades, based on traditional craft techniques. In the Eighties, industrial production was added to artisanal production, blending innovation with the values ​​of the past.
Martinucci's great innovation lies in the continuous desire to improve themselves. Managing knowledge means creating value, encouraging openness to change, creativity and getting involved. The advantages of innovation also consist in improving the quality and of effectiveness of production processes, creating the conditions for an increase in production capacity and flexibility.


Today Martinucci exports its products to over 30 countries worldwide with an export rate that exceeds 30%.


Since Euro Healthy Foods started collaborating with Martinucci, we have decided to distribute a great assortment of cakes...From the more traditional Italian Caprese cake or Neapolitan Pastiera, to the more international Sacher cake or New York cheesecakes, we are able to satisfy our customers' curiosity and taste, as well as to match the needs of any menu!
The new shipment of Martinucci's cakes for Euro Healthy Foods has just arrived in Hong Kong, hurry up and catch them!

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