Regioni Ditalia

The Territory is a key element for biodiversity. It is not sufficient for a product to be just local: the adjective “local” doesn't tell enough of the history and traditions of an area. Our policy is, that the origin of the product should be 100% traced, and in order to do this, We pride ourselves to analyze all different aspects and information of each product, like:

- The origin area,
- the climate conditions,
- the techniques used for production
- the conservation method

- cultural and historical context. All these kind of products , on the other hand, are strongly linked to their territory, not just as in terms of climate and environment, but also to the socio-cultural and historical context and environment.
Our aims are:
- The protection of food's biodiversity.
- Respect of the land, local cultures and traditions
- A general rediscovery of ancient flavors

The section devoted to industrial products, from Italy and Europe.

We leverage our extensive knowledge of the industrial branch, and making the most of our logistics in Italy and Europe, we are able to offer a "just in time" product, available and suitable for your needs.