Troccoli fresh pasta 500g

Troccoli fresh pasta 500g

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The "Orogiallo" pasta factory in the early 1970s was a small artisan pasta workshop, owned by the Milito family, with the aim of creating high quality fresh pasta that blended all the flavor and wisdom of traditional craftsmanship. It quickly consolidated in the high gastronomy sector, becoming one of the most popular fresh pasta in Italy. 

Troccoli is a traditional Italian pasta made from durum wheat flour and water, optionally with a few eggs in the mix. The pasta variety hails from Puglia. Visually, it looks similar to spaghetti, but troccoli is a bit thicker and has a square or oval cross-section because it's made using a troccolo – a rolling pin that cuts the pasta dough into strips.
This pasta variety is traditionally served with pesto, meat ragù, or cime di rapa (broccoli rabe).