Spreadable spilinga 'Nduja 190g

Spreadable spilinga 'Nduja 190g

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Nduja is a traditional spread from Calabria with the flavor you love in hot soppressata or pepperoni but with a rich pâté-like texture. Be ahead of the gourmet curve with this relatively new addition to the American gastronomical world.

Toast up a nice baguette or slice of Italian bread, smear on a little bit of warm Nduja, then top with our handmade Burrata and a bit of olive oil for the perfect snack. Or toss some into your pasta sauce to add an intensely savory and spicy kick. Use as a pizza topping, layer on sandwiches, or add to stews or scrambled eggs!

A tender, spicy pork salami native to Calabria, Nduja is surprisingly versatile and adds an impressive flavor punch. Cured in a casing like firm salami, it maintains a soft texture, making it ideal for use as a spread.