Gragnano Pasta PGI - Spaghetti 500g
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Gragnano Pasta PGI - Spaghetti 500g

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"Pasta of Gragnano" is a PGI Italian type of pasta, made following an old traditional bronze wire-drawing method, which makes the surface of the pasta more porous, so as to capture the sauce and the condiment, as well as allow the pasta to retain all the main nutrients of the wheat.

The fame of this pasta is due to the humid climate of the Lattari Mountains, to the mineral water of the Sources, as well as to the methods of production according to the PGI Regulations.

With a long and thin shape and a round section, the Spaghetti are by far the most popular pasta in Italy. They represent the perfect matching for carbonara, seafood sauces and every kind of tomato-made pasta sauces.