Penne medie rigate 500g
Antonio Amato

Penne medie rigate 500g

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Experience and reliability for a unique taste. Antonio Amato's wheat comes from selected 100% Italian crops, freshly ground in the Salerno mill, to become pasta in less than 24 hours. This is the secret of the company's pasta makers to best preserve the taste, aroma and organoleptic properties of the wheat: the result is a surprisingly tastier and more fragrant pasta. It also has 13% protein, which guarantees perfect cooking resistance.

An identity, that of Pasta Antonio Amato, already recognizable from the look of the packaging, characterized by the bright colors and graphic motifs of the famous Amalfi ceramics, thus underlining the strong bond with its territory of origin.

The Penne Medie Rigate are the classic short pasta, cylindrical in shape cut at the ends with parallel oblique cuts.